Therapist offers help and hope for those suffering from sex addiction

Wendy Cornett

Sex addiction is a real condition, and there is help.

“Sex addiction is when an individual’s mind and life are consumed by sexual images and/or thoughts and behaviors,” explained Theresa Marie Abec, Sex Addiction Therapist at Serenity Health and Wellness Center in Maumee.

An individual can become so consumed, in fact, that the addiction affects not only relationships but also finances.

“Prostitutes, pornography, certain websites or certain materials that are involved in the sexual world cost money – or the time taken away from work – that affects your finances also,” Theresa said.

Often, individuals in the sex addict’s life have tried to point out the problem, and the sex addict may have tried unsuccessfully to stop.

“They begin to have regret, remorse after they’re involved in sexual activities, and they have an addiction to pornography,” Theresa added.

Theresa is a board-certified clinical counselor specializing in sex addiction recovery therapy and is currently welcoming new patients looking for assistance with their mental, physical and emotional life goals.

Theresa Abec is a Board Certified Clinical Counselor and welcomes new patients looking for assistance with adults with mental health issues specializing in sex addiction recovery therapy. Currently under direct clinical supervision with Dr. Doug Weiss through the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT). To schedule an appointment with Theresa, call Serenity Health & Wellness Center at 419-891-2181.

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