Right at Home opens new location in Maumee

Chris Galford

In the heart of downtown Maumee, an open house gave the community a chance to officially welcome a new care provider into their homes. Right at Home, an in home care and assistance provider, recently completed its move from Perrysburg to Maumee.

“It was just a great opportunity to expand our space and it’s allowing us to provide more efficient care and scheduling,” said John Baldwin, of Right at Home.

The business is designed to work as either a supplement to existing care or an all-time provider, their goal being to help people stay where they’re living and evade the classic retirement or serviced home structure. Their ideal client? Anyone who wishes to stay in their home but still needs that extra boost to get through a day.

Sometimes this might mean a family caring for a grandparent in the mornings, only to have Right at Home take over when school and jobs beckon. Others could involve workers from Right at Home being present 24/7, to guarantee the health and well-being of clients.

“When someone calls us we set up a free assessment. We go out to the home and like to meet the clients and just meet the family and discuss what their needs are. We sit down and develop a care plan based on that,” John said.

Those plans are flexible, and not merely in the beginning. John notes that families are free to try a plan out for a week, and if they find they need more or less hours, Right at Home will back right off or step up their service accordingly. For anyone considering an in-home care provider, however, John notes a few warning signs to seek out.

“Some of the warning signs would be personal hygiene. Maybe they’re just noticing a little bit in that area, where mom or dad needs some help. Possibly they’re wearing the same clothes every day. Either you got that or just the cleanliness of the house, mail or bills piling up. Organization that they’re noticing. It could be a cry for some more help,” John said.

Show your support for local merchants! Call John at 567-336-6062; e-mail him at jbaldwin@rahnwohio.com; visit the website at rahnwohio.com; or visit Right at Home at 133 E. John St., Maumee, OH.