Reflexology can bring the body into balance

Wendy Cornett

Serenity Health and Wellness Center in Maumee offers both reflexology and massage therapy to help relieve stress, balance the body and promote overall well being.
“Reflexology is a treatment that focuses on the feet. The idea behind it (reflexology) is that there are certain points on the feet that correspond with organs and the internal workings of the body and that working on those points can bring the body into balance,” explained Emily Waters, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist at Serenity Health and Wellness Center.
People choose reflexology for detox and relaxation, as well as to augment medical treatment for conditions like diabetes and digestive disorders.
“All of our reflexology treatments come with aromatherapy,” Emily added. “I always use an essential oil, and you receive the full benefit from the essential oil because it gets absorbed into the feet while I’m working.”
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