Now is the perfect time for Dr. Jabaly’s weight loss program

Wendy Cornett

Dr. Jabaly Weight Loss in Toledo offers patients a comprehensive weight loss plan that is customized for each individual’s needs. To minimize – and possibly avoid – any holiday weight gain, now is the perfect time to pick up the phone and get involved in the weight loss plan, suggested Dr. Jabaly, founder and director of Dr. Jabaly Weight Loss.
“All data from the National Institutes of Health and other medical references say that you cannot lose the weight that you put on in the wintertime. And that’s why year after year, kids keep gaining weight and adults keep gaining weight,” he said.
People often feel conflicted, Dr. Jabaly continued, wanting to eat and enjoy the holidays while still losing weight. Putting a plan in place now can help you stay in control and make better choices throughout the holiday celebrations.
“We study your situation during the holiday season. We give you an evaluation and then together, we establish a goal,” Dr. Jabaly explained. “You cannot do it all. Let me do the job. Let’s establish a plan with you so you know exactly how to enjoy the holiday. It’s a time that you’re not going to have every month, so let’s enjoy it and have fun and at the same time not gain weight and be in control.”
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