Dental Group West upgrades practice with iTero digital scanner

Chris Galford

Technology is changing the face of dentistry, and the acquisition of the iTero Digital Scanner at Dental Group West shows just how much it has evolved.

In most offices across the country, impressions for crowns and bridges are made with pastes that create a very accurate, albeit messy replica of the teeth. Pastes must be held in somewhat bulky trays over the teeth and in the mouth for two to three minutes which, for some, can be uncomfortable. The iTero digital scanner eliminates the need to place trays or pastes over the teeth because the teeth are digitally scanned instead of “impressed.”

“The iTero digital scanner is a relatively new technology that we are now utilizing in our office in order to scan the teeth and capture an accurate digital image of these structures.  The dental laboratory can receive this digital image via email and then very precisely restore these teeth and all with digital electronics” said Dr. Tracy Poole.

“We get in, we start to scan each tooth and it captures—as we walk around the mouth—a digital picture of each tooth.”

These scans are uploaded to a computer, allowing dentists to review cases from previous dates, retrieve images and evaluate on the fly, rather than digging up old molds. They can then check these images from every angle—a process that would be impossible using the alternative replica method.

Labs take these scans and use them to mill out models of the patient’s current teeth.

“It’s takes that piece of information and removes it from the mouth, and so it’s very helpful for us to evaluate our own work and it’s very accurate for the lab, allowing them to obtain information to build a case and fabricate new teeth.” Dr. Poole said.

As they add new technology to their arsenal, Dental Group West is always looking for new patients to enjoy the benefits of their ever evolving procedures and techniques.

“Our goal is to find a balance.  We always try to provide the best and most technologically advanced protocols that deliver the finest long term results while being easiest on our patients.” Dr. Poole added.

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