Cleland’s sees rise in concealed carry applications 

Chris Galford

With events like San Bernardino and the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting engrained on recent American memory, gun sales and concealed carry applications are continuing to rise across the United States—and Cleland’s Outdoor World is handling its own share of the load in Swanton, Ohio.

“A year ago we had more avid gun owners and now we’ve got a lot more new gun owners that don’t have a lot of experience,” said Chad Cleland.

That said, each state has its own particular requirements for licensing firearms. In Ohio, it’s a mix of private and police involvement to see the process done.

“To get a permit in the state of Ohio you need an eight hour course: six hours of classroom, two hours on the range. From there you take your certificate and letter of completion to the sheriff’s department and they do a check on your residency and your criminal record,” said Chad.

At Cleland’s, the private end of the process is typically handled in one day over a weekend, starting out at 11 am and pushing through until the training process is complete. While at one time it was just a weekend or two each month, due to the increasing demand, Cleland’s now offers three to four classes a month, and Chad notes that number might continue to rise if demand matches.

Along with the classes, though, Cleland’s remains a gunsmith and a retailer of gun accessories. To that end they offer holsters and holster modified clothing for the concealed carry recipients as well. A full list of classes offered appear on Cleland’s website, but for those interested, Chad has a few words of advice.

“We really like it when somebody comes without a gun and makes their decision after they take the course,” Chad said. “They end up with a better gun that way.”

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