Amazing Smiles Orthodontics opens new location in Sylvania

Chris Galford

Thanks to support from their community, Amazing Smiles Orthodontics has outgrown and shifted away from its old home in the Dental Health Associates of Sylvania building and into a much roomier location in the Kroger plaza.

Now located on the corner of King and Sylvania Ave, the new facility boasts state-of-the-art technology which resident orthodontist Dr. Paul Hwang views as the epitome of his work: the sort of equipment that allows individual, customized approaches, rather than falling back on cookie cutter treatments.

“It really depends upon who is the patient and what they present as. The reason this is so exciting, especially in today’s day and age, is because the new technology of Invisalign and AcceleDent has really been able to further…the treatment capabilities we have as clinicians for our patients,” said Dr. Hwang.

Yet in part, the ability (and need) to move stems from a growing interest in orthodontics from the adult segment of the community, according to Dr. Hwang. A change, considering orthodontics’ traditional association with youth.

“Typically the status quo is going to be that we recommend seeing patients as early as 8 years old. Not necessarily for teeth per se, but more for skeletal reasons and growth and development reasons. But we’re seeing a much higher percentage of adults with modalities that are presently available for them as well. So the percentages of adult patients have gone up significantly in the last three or four years,” Dr. Hwang said.

The reasons vary, according to the doctor. For some, it’s the lack of conducive treatments when they were younger. For others, it’s the simple fact that they weren’t able to get braces at a young age.

“Also they are starting to see it is much more aesthetic in terms of the treatment modalities we do present,” Dr. Hwang said. “

“People don’t see a lot of the treatment things going on where they fix appliances, but that’s really been the primary reason — for the appearance and what society has set as the standard.”

Show your support for local businesses! Call Amazing Smiles Orthodontics at its new Sylvania location, 419-885-4796; visit the website at; or visit Amazing Smiles Orthodontics at 7619 W. Sylvania Ave., Sylvania.

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