What is Rosacea?

IMG_9008-2.jpgBy Dr. Hope Mitchel, FLTN Columnist- Rosacea is redness of the central face that has lasted for at least three months. Besides redness, a person with rosacea can also experience symptoms, including facial flushing, spider veins on the cheeks and nose, acne, enlargement/disfigurement of the nose or burning and stinging sensations.

The redness and flushing associated with rosacea can be brought on by triggers specific to the individual with the condition. Some common triggers include drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods, drinking hot drinks or even acute emotional stress. Although these triggers can bring on the redness, it is not known what actually causes rosacea in most cases.

Treatment includes avoidance of known triggers and using a daily broad spectrum sunscreen. There are also prescriptions available, including topical creams and gels as well as antibiotics. Laser treatment may be necessary in some cases. Rosacea cannot be cured but it can be well controlled.

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