Tips for selling your home during the holidays

ohio cash flow (small)By Engelo Rumora, FLTN Columnist- During the holiday season it can be frustrating to actively sell your home. However, it can also be the best time to show the true warmth your home can offer a new family. The following tips can reduce your stress and improve the overall perception of the interior space.

  • Holiday decorations – Less is more

The treasured family heirlooms and handmade ornaments should be kept safe and packed away. Light and tasteful decor that reflects your home’s character and highlights the architectural features are best. Keep the holiday lighting to a minimum and use it to draw the eye to key features like a loft or mantle. To save space, and convey openness, use a narrow or pencil type tree with clear lights.

  • Lighting – Bright is best

The key is to make your home feel bright and open even though it is closed up due to cold weather. Use the “daylight” CFL bulbs with the highest rated output for your fixtures to assist with showcasing your property. Turn on any freestanding floor or table lamp in every room and all the light fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens before a showing. Outdoor lights should be clean, free of debris and on as well, providing an inviting welcome to the property.

  • Keep it clean – Dust your way out

Just before you leave, give the flat surfaces a quick dusting and roll out the floor mats. Clean, dry sink basins and freshly vacuumed carpets make for a crisp impression.

From our family to yours, have a safe and stress-free holiday season.

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