The Glendale and Reynolds Garden Cafés bring something special to the table everyday

Glendale Cafe smallBy Chris Galford- The Glendale and Reynolds Garden Cafés, staples of the Toledo dining scene, have changed a good deal over the years, but their dedication to unique, homemade treats has never changed.

For Mustafa Ilgin, owner of the Glendale and Reynolds Garden Cafés, the road to being a restaurant entrepreneur began with the Marriott Hotel. He started out there and worked with the hotel until 1994, at which point it was sold. Mustafa struck out on his own, with the Glendale Garden Café.

“I decided not to travel with the company, so I opened my own business — it was a little shaky at first, but we closed the deal in March 1995,” Mustafa said.

As the years have gone down, the place has changed significantly. Originally, the locale was purchased from another, existing business, so there was a good bit of remodeling to be done — but that spirit for change has never left Mustafa. The seating, the menu, even the color has changed over the years, but for all that, the culinary dedication has remained the same.

Glendale or Reynolds, the Garden Café aims to bring a bit of the home into the café experience. It’s home cooked meals, homemade pies and a host of meaty dishes such as roast beef, turkey, pork and ribs. They also have rotating specials.

“Something changes every day. Every day there’s something special,” Mustafa said.

In terms of their breakfasts, they also make an extensive omelet. At Reynolds, the latter is something of a focus, as that location is only open until 3 p.m.

As to the Glendale locale, though, the hours vary somewhat by the day. While all week long the Garden Café opens at a bright and early 6 a.m., it closes doors at 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, at 11 p.m. on Saturdays, and follows the Reynolds’ location’s example on Sundays by closing at 3 p.m.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Mustafa at either 419-382-1011 or 419-381-9000; visit the websites at or; or visit either Garden Café locale at 2521 Glendale Ave, Toledo, OH or 1220 S Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH.