Losing weight during the holidays is possible

fairwood smallBy FLTN Staff-  “You can lose weight during the winter months,” shares Jason Peisley, D.C., Clinic Director at Fairwood Health & Body Transition in Toledo. “Most of us pack on a few extra pounds during the holidays. But, with my amazing all-natural weight loss program, you can balance hormones, boost libido and lose weight and inches fast. This is the perfect time of year to lose weight.”

Dr. Peisley’s holistic approach uses no shots and no drugs. The clinic’s all-natural Herbal Body Wrap detoxifies stubborn cellulite right out of the tissues of the skin where it is trapped for real inch loss, not water loss. Patients can lose four to14 inches in just one hour. And, this inch loss stays off.

The clinic is offering the best holiday special ever –– a FREE body wrap to the first 20 callers, which includes a VIP tour, Introduction and a health evaluation to get to the cause of weight gain. Call 419-517-1030 now!

Visit http://burnfattoledo.com/ to learn more.