Keep warm and lower your bills with new windows

All Nu Columnist Pic (Small)By Dan Mahl- Did you know that the condition, placement and composition of your windows can account for as much as 25 percent of the yearly heating and cooling costs for your home? If your windows are older, flawed or damaged, that percentage is can often be far higher.

Windows are meant to allow you to control the climate of your home, keeping outside elements like wind and precipitation outside where they belong. Unfortunately, over time, older windows lose their sealing power, more frequently letting in drafts and allowing heat and air conditioning to escape. This means that you’ll be warmer during the summer and colder during the winter, and increasing your energy consumption to compensate will just leave you with bills which are much higher than they should be.

New windows, especially those which are Energy Star qualified, can save you seven to 15 percent on energy bills annually. That translates to a rapid return on your investment of new windows. Beyond their increased energy efficiency and money-saving power, installing new windows will simply make your home much quieter and feel more comfortable and inviting.

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