Dine Local! El Vaquero restaurant brings fresh food to an expanding environment

By Chris Galford

El Vaquero SP HSAt El Vaquero, it’s not enough to serve up its customers a Mexican style dish — it’s important to be fresh and authentic, too.
“We’re doing our things fresh every day, in the morning, with tacos, fajitas, everything made to order. Our flavors are really good,” said Carlos Jimenez, general manager for the restaurant.
They serve meat and seafood, vegetables and all the spices good Mexican food is known for, but the restaurant also gives back to its community.
A sponsor of the athletic, cancer-fighting Pelotonia initiative as well as the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, El Vaquero is a bedrock in its community, and one Carlos has been a part of since 2000.
“I’ve been here since 2000, coming in and out, trying to expand more business around here. I used to be the head cook in the kitchen and then I worked my way up until I got to be a manager here. Back of the house up to the front,” Carlos said.
Show your support for local businesses! Visit the website at http://www.vaquerorestaurant.com/; or visit El Vaquero at the River Place Shopping Center, at 26611 Dixie Highway, Perrysburg, Ohio.