Amango Restaurant propels Vietnamese culture into the American diet

amangoBy Chris Galford- It is always a challenge to merge cultures into a dining phenomenon, but the Amango Restaurant in Toledo throws itself into the culinary ring with gusto. Amango takes Vietnamese culture, a pinch of the west coast, and thrusts them onto the Midwest scene with one request.

“Just because it’s not something you’re used to, like a burger and fries, try it, you just might be surprised how delicious it is. Try a different culture — explore! You just might find your new favorite meal on our menu,” said general manager Clay Coleman.

Under the direction of owner Miss Quy and head chef Rocky, Amango Restaurant, which opened on May 20, 2012, has crafted a unique experience with a large menu settled in an environment which caters to the whole family. Menu items range from large to small such as a big bowl of Pho, all the way to the six-inch Vietnamese hoagie. Amango has desserts like fried bananas and hand-carved items: yes, watermelon can in fact be carved into a flower and nearly all of it healthy. According to Clay, the Vietnamese Pho is one meal that can actually boost the digestive system.

In essence, “We want to try and give you true Vietnamese culture, but before you can run you have to walk. We specialize in Pho, as well as stir fry. On top of that we also have clay pots served with white rice and vegetables on the side and inside you have a selection of meat, such as the Vietnamese Braised fish, five-spice caramel pork, and last but not least the pepper shrimp and pork.”

On the more traditional American side of things, the restaurant also hosts a sports bar-like atmosphere, with various sports projected on large screen TVs. Their food is quick, and what’s more, the staff is flexible.

“If you need to set up a party, just give us a call in advance. If you’re willing to work with us, we’ll see what we can do,” said Clay.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Clay, Rocky and Miss Quy at 419-517-0261; or visit Amango Restaurant at 5228 Monroe St, Toledo OH.