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Doubling the space for serenity at Serenity Health and Wellness Center in Maumee

By Chris Galford

For Serenity Health and Wellness Center in Maumee, 2013 is a big year: a year of expansion, both in therapies offered and physical space.

Founded by a former educator and school counselor, Dr. Deitra Hickey, the center is a facility dedicated to helping people through holistic practices.

“I started the business because I started my career as an educator and I have been a teacher, school counselor, principal then college professor; I seemed to always gravitate towards the counseling and coaching realm of each position. I love the idea of facilitating individuals to improve themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. I enjoyed helping people in a holistic approach—mind, body and soul—and I wanted to take that into my own hands and be able to do that in a private, professional setting,” Dr. Hickey said.

Presently, those holistic practices include over 20 different modalities assembled over the years since Serenity’s founding in April 2010—from Colon Hydrotherapy to Facials, Peels and Botox. By expanding into the suite attached to its present location, the center will be turning 1,500 square feet into almost 3,000 square feet and expanding the spa’s services to match its new capabilities.

Several new rooms will be added, including one for classes such as yoga, Tai Chi and self-defense. In addition, this open space will host support groups, hypnosis, as well as health and wellness education workshops. Serenity’s expansion will also offer a large therapy room which will be a place for couples—a place of relaxation. Massage and Acupuncture will be among its calling cards, with a fireplace, a fountain and couches presenting a retreat-like atmosphere.

To aid those in the wellness workshop portion of things, there will be a large video wall consisting of nine 40-inch flat screen televisions. Beach, rainforest and underwater ocean scenes will loop

Serenity’s new addition will include space for yoga classes, self-defense classes and support groups, along with a sizeable couple’s therapy room.

Serenity’s new addition will include space for yoga classes, self-defense classes and support groups, along with a sizeable couple’s therapy room.

consistently as one large image when it is not in use for instructional purposes.

It’s not just diverse services that have helped build Serenity, but cost as well.

“If you keep your prices affordable, and you do things a little differently than most, as well as give clients quality care and customer service, they will come back. Equally as important, they will tell others about you. Over 50 percent of our new clientele comes from our wonderful client referrals,” Dr. Hickey said.

For the holidays, potential clients will certainly see their Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials. Serenity will host what Dr. Hickey goes so far as to dub one of the best Cyber-Monday specials in the nation—a host of gift certificates for the spa that last year sold around $7,000 worth in approximately 6 hours.

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