What do I cook my food in?

by Dr. Cindy Ratkowsi, FLT Columnist

What do you cook in? Microwave, convection oven, aluminum pots, pots with a non-stick surface? Here’s the scoop…

Microwave ovens, although convenient, have been shown to alter food chemistry in ways that adversely impact your blood, immune system and cholesterol balance. All cooking of food destroys vitamins, but studies in Europe and Russia reveal that microwaving is by far the most harmful. Fewer vitamins are lost when food is cooked at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, which is why “slow cookers” are often a good choice. However, it is tough to roast a chicken in a slow cooker, so your best choice of ovens are the convection, toaster, or everyday range for baking and cooking these larger items.

Marketing in the United States has, unfortunately, done a good job of convincing us all that aluminum and non-stick surface pots and pans are perfectly safe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Aluminum atoms detach from the pan’s surface during cooking and mix with your food. Aluminum has no place in your body in any amount. It can damage your brain, thyroid, kidneys, lungs and liver.

As far as the safety of non-stick surfaces is concerned, plenty of research reveals that heat breaks these coatings down, releasing toxic fumes, including several that are cancer-causing. The material you cook in should be as stable as possible when heated. Ceramic, glass and porcelain-coated pots and pans are your best choices, followed by stainless steel (my favorite).

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