Dr. Banker outlines advantages of Smart Lipo

Wendy Cornett

Luxe Laser Vein and Body Center in Maumee offers Smart Lipo, which has significant advantages over traditional liposuction, explained Dr. Wade Banker, owner of the center.

“The Smart Lipo machine is the only one in the region that can do several different functions. One, it melts the fat; two, it does a tremendous amount of skin tightening; and three, we can then suck the fat out with a much smaller cannula.”

All of these factors make Smart Lipo the better choice, he continued.

“Without skin tightening, you’re going to have a lot of loose skin afterward. If you don’t melt the fat ahead of time, you can’t take as much out. We’re probably taking out four to six times more fat than any standard liposuction procedure that’s out there.”

Candidates for Smart Lipo range from those with a substantial amount of fat to those with small, stubborn areas, and those with a little bit of loose skin.

Women who’ve had children and just can’t tone those problem areas no matter how much they diet and exercise can achieve dramatic results.

“It will tighten that skin back up so they’ve got a much tighter abdomen and get rid of that extra fat that they just can’t seem to get rid of,” Dr. Banker added. “It’s been a tremendous life changer for many people; the changes are dramatic.”

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