Cornerstone Church invites international leadership expert to host workshop on organizational culture

Meredith Ryburn

Dr. Sam Chand is an international expert on leadership and organizational development. Whether your organization is large or small, seasoned or new, for profit or nonprofit, he says, that it is the culture that exists within that organization that will drive where it is going.

An organization’s vision – mission statements, purpose statements and goals – may exist to create the prevailing force for your organization; however, says Chand, “a toxic culture will eat your vision for lunch.” He insists that while a strong vision is necessary for any organization’s success, a healthy culture trumps vision every time. Organizational culture is a two way street. The leadership guru explains that culture is created at the top of an organization, but sustained from the bottom; everyone has a role to play in the health of the group’s culture.

“My life’s vision is to help others succeed,” is what Dr. Chand’s website boasts about the work he does around the globe to develop leaders. Dr. Chand came to the U.S. from India in 1973 as a student at Beulah Heights Bible College where he found himself studying and working as the janitor. After completing his studies in organizational leadership, Dr. Chand and his wife served for several years as the pastors of a small church in Michigan before he began pursuing his passion of developing leaders.

In 1989 he returned to Beulah Heights, not as student or janitor, but to come on staff as the college president. Currently, he still serves as president emeritus for Beulah Heights. In addition, he spends his weeks traveling the globe to develop leaders. He personally consults and mentors several of the country’s largest church leaders, speaks regularly at church and corporate conferences. Some of his most notable topics include Organizational Culture and Transitioning Leadership.

Bishop Michael Pitts of Cornerstone Church has invited Dr. Chand to host a session on Organizational Culture on Dec. 5 as part of the church’s Step Up business leaders program. Chand says that business leaders who attend his session will find it “totally pragmatic.” Dr. Chand’s style can be described as straight-hitting and seasoned with humor. His seminars will not be spent on the ethereal aspects of organizational development. Instead, he will spend time discussing the health of an organization, what toxic culture looks like, how to tackle it and how to build healthy culture in very practical steps.

When asked about the relevance of his work to church and business groups alike, Dr. Chand said there are virtually “no dissimilarities” to the information and skills required. The only notable difference, in his opinion, is the way that success is measured.

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Dr. Chand will lead a session on Organizational Culture on Saturday, December 5 at 9 a.m. at Cornerstone Church, no registration required for this session. Visit Cornerstone Church at 1520 Reynolds Road, Maumee, OH 43537; call 419-725-5000; or visit their website