Traditional Asian cuisine comes to Toledo with Hot Pot and Asian Grill

hot pot (small)By Chris Galford- As the old song goes, it takes two. In the case of Hot Pot and Asian Grill, that means Jei and her husband, the owner and chef, respectively. Together, the pair opened house in Toledo on January 1, ushering the New Year in with a new style of food for the city.

Toledo has seen its share of Asian faire, but Hot Pot is an experience all its own, one seeded deep in the culture from whence it came.

“Hot pot is traditional Asian style food, and originally from China. The Chinese hot pot has a history of more than 1000 years,” Jei said. “Hot pot is kind of like a soup kind of food. You get a pot of broth and you cook fresh ingredients in the broth, pick what you like and put it in the broth.”

Every table has its own pot to heat its diners’ meals. Like fondue in this way, the advantage is that a meal at Hot Pot and Asian Grill therefore is of one’s own design—the restaurant provides fresh ingredients, and from there, it’s a hands-on dining experience, with as much or as little as individually desired. It also produces a meal in about three minutes of cooking, according to Jei.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Jei at 419-214-0600; or visit Hot Pot and Asian Grill at 4038 Talmadge Rd. Suite 101, Toledo, OH.