The Blue Pacific Grill in Levis Commons celebrates 10-year anniversary with the addition of a full service menu

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy Chris Galford- The Blue Pacific Grill in Levis Commons has always had a unique way about it, a place for large groups and stir-fry enthusiasts, a place where anyone and everyone could always find a favorite dish. October marked their 10-year anniversary, though, and to celebrate, they have added a new twist to their dining experience.

The fact is: Some people like dishing up their own food, but others can be overwhelmed by the lines involved. So this year, the Falknor family and Blue Pacific staff have opted to add something from the more traditional end of the restaurant spectrum.

“We’re going to have a full service menu this time. Guests can still come in and create their own stir-fry, or now they can sit at the tables and enjoy some creations from the food line. We’re going to have some appetizers, like the Kung Pow quesadilla, we’re going to have some salads that people can choose from, as well as some signature entrees, like tacos or teriyaki glazed salmon. This will allow people to come in, sit down and enjoy one another’s company, rather than just standing in line,” said general manager Jessica Necessary.

For those going for this traditional restaurant experience, there will still be the same food items customers have come to love, but spun off into new styles, for new options.

At the same time, however, Blue Pacific Grill will still offer the tropical themes, variety of tastes, and craft beers which have served it well over the years. With the arrival of fall, they will also be serving special treats for adults, like the honey apple crisp sangria and the pumpkin pie martini.

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