Lievens Market and Outdoor Living donates pumpkins to the second Pumpkins for Kids event at Marshall Elementary School

By Chris Galford- With local news outlets and plenty of cameras in tow, First Local Toledo continued to spread some autumn cheer on a stop at Marshall Elementary School. On Oct. 10, thanks to donations from Lievens Market and Outdoor Living, the children of Marshall Elementary got to end their school week in a flood of pumpkins.

The event was organized in part by Principal Marsha Jackisch, who brought the kids out of class for a bit of free fun, a touch of science and a chance to help as well.

“It’s a great experience for the students who helped unload the trailer and took the pumpkins off. It’s also an awesome experience because not many of them have had the opportunity to open a pumpkin and carve it with their families. We also do it (the pumpkins) as a science experiment. The teachers usually cut it open and the kids get to feel the mushy and the pumpkin seeds. This year we’re hoping to take the seeds from a few of them and grow them in our garden,” Marsha said.

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