Hearing device options for any lifestyle and activity

by Dr. Clint Keifer, FLT Columnist

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Need a device that can be worn in the water? How about something for a firefighter that won’t interfere with headgear? Do you want something that connects to your smartphone or TV? Have hearing in only one ear but need to hear sounds from the “bad” side? Need help with the daily management of ringing ears? Believe it or not, there are great products designed for every one of these scenarios!

One of the many advantages of owning an independent audiology practice is the freedom to work with any or all of the different product suppliers to bring the latest and best technology options to all of my patients. Greater product options means a better match to patient needs and resulting benefit. Most hearing aid dealers and chains represent a single brand and are confined to the limits of that one product line, which might not include the best option for you.

In an effort to deliver the best audiology services in our area, new technologies and techniques are continually evaluated and selected for offering to patients. The most recent example of this will be available from our office starting this month with the addition of an extended wear, completely invisible hearing aid. This device is carefully and comfortably placed deep in the ear canal to be worn 2 to 4 months at a time. The deep fitting takes advantage of the natural “filtering” of the outer ear to improve directional hearing. This device can be a good option for individuals that lead a very active lifestyle and prefer the “invisible” and convenient 24/7 wear-ability.

Hearing aid options have come a long way since my own grandfather wore them. If you are experiencing difficultly hearing or clearly understanding speech or other important sounds, you owe it to yourself to learn about the options and benefits available through current technology. Schedule an audiological evaluation today — you may be surprised by what you hear!

Dr. Clint Keifer is the owner of Great Lakes Audiology in Toledo. You can contact him at 419 327-2273; email at ckeifer@glaudiology.com; or visit http://www.GLAudiology.com.