Fall improvements to save this winter

ohio cash flow (small)By Engelo Rumora, FLTN Columnist- Autumn is here and winter is slowly approaching. While preparing to give thanks with family and looking forward to the New Year, take some time to evaluate your property for small improvements that could save you money with little investment right now.

Heating is the highest use of utilities, as well as the largest area of potential savings. Replacing furnace filters, sealing cracks around the foundation and installing weather stripping around entry doors will greatly improve efficiency. Wrapping the hot water tank with an insulating blanket, found at a local home improvement retailer, will further reduce seasonal costs. If you have older windows, plastic insulating film may be needed. Again, this is available at many home improvement retailers and easy to install. All you’ll need is a hairdryer to finish it off and start saving the $$$.

The average 1,200 square foot home is not adequately insulated. There is a great assortment of inexpensive products out there to do so. By filling in the gaps in the walls and by laying down a nice bed of the blown-in-stuff in the rafters, you will greatly reduce the heating cost of the property. Completing this now while the weather is still good is recommended.

If your maintenance issues cause your mind to wander and you’d rather cash out this holiday season, give yourself a gift and call us today. We’re here to help!

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