Detox for weight loss

fairwood-smallBy FLTN Staff- “In just five to 12 weeks, my patients go through quite a transition. Not only do they rejuvenate their health, they lose weight and inches, sometimes for the first time in years,” explained Jason Peisley, D.C., Clinic Director at Fairwood Health & Body Transition in Toledo. “The key is my combination of education, detox, nutrient-rich diet, body contouring and behavior modification, all under one roof.”

The clinic’s all-natural Herbal Body Wrap detoxifies stubborn cellulite right out of the tissues of the skin where it is trapped for real inch loss, not water loss. Backed by 22 years of proven results and thousands of testimonials, locals in the Toledo area can finally win the war on fat.

The revolutionary Toledo-based clinic features their pioneering weight loss program, which includes a health evaluation to get to the cause of weight gain. Dr. Peisley’s holistic approach uses no shots and no drugs.

Visit or call 419-517-1030 for November’s Herbal Body Wrap Special for only $39–Save $171!