CREATE: Art Studio + Workshop: from garage studio to downtown art center

create pburg smallBy Chris Galford- At CREATE: Art Studio + Workshop, art brings people together. Sharing space downtown with an ice cream parlor and a pub, this is no sprawling art store, but a personal studio dedicated to teaching students of all ages to find their own craft.

“The atmosphere and projects we’re doing in our studio are very important to us … We want to see who you are as an artist coming out,” said Kerry Wellstein, one of the studio’s three owners.

Kerry’s own story has always revolved around art, from life as a teacher to offering more private lessons after she became a mother. She came back to Perrysburg from Chicago, but the craft never left her.

“I wanted to continue to teach art lessons, but include my own children, so for three years I gave free art lessons after school to students in my son’s class out of my garage studio,” Kerry said.

Others took notice. One of these was Tracey Hallock, another member of the ownership triumvirate and mother to one of the children Kerry taught. Tracey brought the idea of a downtown art studio to Kerry and, rounding out their partnership with Deborah Lambdin, decided to find a way to fill Perrysburg’s need for art.

create pburg smallIn March 2014 they began to offer classes at their new studio. Yet those classes were not just for children. Between weeknight workshops for adults, as well as craft and art nights, and smaller, more personalized afterschool classes for children, they provide a little something for everyone. They also offer themed birthday parties and private events, as well as a space to help local charities.

“We want to use our studio as a way to help other people … There are so many unique, small, charitable organizations that are local. We enjoy giving back by contributing to silent auctions and hosting small fundraising events in our studio,” Kerry said.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Tracey, Deborah and Kerry at 419-873-6240; email at; visit the website at; or visit CREATE: Art Studio + Workshop at 422 E. Louisiana Avenue, Perrysburg, OH;