To waste or to waist

by Dr. Ellen Cullman, FLT Columnist

A recent Toledo Blade article reported that the average family of four pitches $2,275 worth of food each year. Suggestions abound for cutting down food waste and saving money, yet it is not a perfect science and many detest when some food inevitably must be tossed. Despite the understandable dislike to pitching uneaten food, I invite you to weigh in on an additional thought I have about how you may waste food that can also have considerable consequences for you.

Are you a member of the “Clean Your Plate Club”? Are you overweight because of it?

If so, you may be inadvertently reducing food waste in a different and likely more expensive way. You also may not know why you are a member of this club other than “My mother made me join and I wanted to make her happy.” And now, many years later, you are doing your compulsive duty to reduce food waste by chomping, chewing and swallowing food so you can deliver it to YOUR waist.

Perhaps you know where I am going in the saving money department. Those extra pounds are more than pricey as they contribute to health problems such as diabetes II, hypertension, heart disease, strokes, sleep apnea, cancer, self-esteem, depression, to name only a few. And these conditions are no longer limited to the older population. Now American’s children are at risk!

The enormous costs of health care from these conditions can present us with financial worries and fewer opportunities in life. While medicine and science can help, they offer no silver bullets. Many struggle with assorted diets that eventually run amuck as one eyes that favorite piece of chocolate cake or attends the birthday party at the town buffet. No wonder motivation wanes and pounds lost are regained. What if you could just learn to not eat so much?

My experience from helping others is that the answer can be as close as the plate in front of you, and it can begin with resigning from the “Clean Your Plate Club.” You really can learn how to do that effortlessly and even have fun at the same time! Call me, The Mindful Eating Coach, and I will help you reduce the real waste, the expensive waste that is going to your waist.

Come and hear Dr. Cullman speak at 10:30 a.m. on November 10 at the Positively Pink Women’s Health Series at Wood County Hospital in Bowling Green. The Winter Mindful Eating Workshop begins January 24 and meets at 975 Commerce Dr. in Perrysburg. Call 419-494-7699 or email for information about individual sessions, workshops, presentations, seminars and personalized retreats.