Roemer Insurance - Rocky Roemer

Celebrating 78 years of business with focus on clients, employees and community

By Kristy Erdodi

Tommy & Rocky Roemer

Wellington Roemer started Roemer Insurance in 1934. Today, the Toledo-based business continues on in his family. Wellington’s son, W. Thomas “Tommy” Roemer, is vice chairman of the board, and his grandson, Wellington F. “Rocky” Roemer III, has been president and CEO for 20 years. Needless to say, with over nearly 80 years in business, this family has learned a few things – like the importance of tending to clients, employees and community.

Roemer Insurance takes care of clients by maintaining strong communication. “We rarely lose clients to the competition because our obsessive focus is customer service,” Rocky said. “If you call us you get a person. That person knows what they’re talking about. They will drop everything to help you.”

Among those people who know “what they’re talking about” are eight expert health insurance professionals. These employees can provide any sized employer, along with individuals, with health care coverage and are always willing to guide clients toward solutions for their particular needs. When it comes to employers, for example, the team’s experts “will look at their health risk, at their operation, at the health insurance that they have presently and make recommendations,” according to Rocky.

The company also has a resource in Barbara Sears, manager of the Employee Benefits division. She’s not only a leader in Roemer Insurance, but in the state of Ohio, for which she’s an elected representative. “She’s been in health insurance as a broker for over 20 years, and she is the go-to person in the Ohio House of Representatives for workers’ compensation, health insurance, health care reform,” Rocky said.

Sally Stroud is the team’s Medicare person. She is especially key right now during the 2013 Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare, which runs until December 7. “She sits down and works with our Medicare clients until all of their questions are answered. Our seniors rave about her. They call her their angel,” Rocky said.

Roemer Insurance also offers plenty of expertise for truckers, one of its specialties from the start. Among its offerings is liability insurance for long-haul truckers in the Midwest. In addition, its independent contractor owner/operator brand, Insure My Rig, is a purveyor of insurance to truckers all over the country who own their own units and are leased on to motor carriers.

The company’s focus on staff is just as strong. “With only 35 employees, we make a significant investment in our employees’ well-being,” Rocky said. Stress-relieving massage days at work, discounts with health clubs and an on-site gym are only a few of the wellness benefits employees receive. In early 2012, they also received financial benefits; Roemer Insurance implemented its Associate Compensation Enhancement (ACE) program, which provided raises, contributions to profit sharing and health insurance savings accounts and other incentives. The company is always looking to add more to its team.

The entire Roemer Insurance staff is extremely active in the non-profit community, too. Employees work regularly with organizations like The Rotary Club of Toledo, The Victory Center in Toledo, YMCA and The Ohio State University Alumni Association. In addition, the Roemer Insurance office is currently a collection destination for donations that will go to a missionary in Malawi, Africa. The company also just recently endowed a scholarship at Lourdes University.

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