Sugars and concentrated sweeteners: Worse than you thought

by Dr. Cindy Ratkowsi, FLT Columnist

If you ask anyone who is health–conscious whether they eat sugar, they will admit to eating some but not as much as most people do. So, how much sugar do you eat? Have you made any attempt to find out?

Sugar avoidance may appear to you to be a deal–breaker. However, because you recognize your health isn’t what you’d like it to be, how about taking the first step? Do as so many others have done: Eliminate one cookie, one soft drink and one candy bar at a time.

While you’re contemplating that first step, let me share this bit of thought–provoking information: Every human being has cancer cells (or at least the makings of them) running around in their body. When you want to be rid of a stray cat, one good way is to not feed it. Think of a cancer cell as that cat and sugar as its food.

A current technology used by western medicine to discover cancers in the body is Positron Emission Tomography or PET scan. This scan is accomplished by injecting the body with a radioactively tagged glucose (sugar) solution. The tissues most metabolically active, such as the brain or a cancer, absorb the solution faster. This is highlighted on the radiographic image. Do you see? Sugar enables cancer to thrive! Is that scary enough for you?

For optimal health, we have to avoid concentrated sweeteners including sugar, high–fructose corn syrup, fruit concentrates, agave syrup, maple syrup and honey at least until our bodies get healthier. Since the body is innately much smarter than you or me, we have to let it tell us when it’s okay. If you are diabetic, all sugars, grains and fruit are out of bounds or at least limit the real sweet fruits.

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