Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center brings Awake Breast Augmentation to Toledo area

Wendy Cornett

Luxe Laser Vein and Body Center in Maumee is the only cosmetic center in northwest Ohio to offer Awake Breast Augmentation – a procedure performed in Luxe Laser Center’s state-of-the-art facility, under local anesthesia.

“We have introduced what we call Awake Breast Augmentation – putting in breast implants with local anesthesia. This is a much more cost-effective way to do it, much safer for the patient, and very new to the area,” said Dr. Wade Banker, owner of Luxe Laser Vein and Body Center. The facility opened in March 2014.

Awake Breast Augmentation offers patients an alternative to traditional breast augmentation and removes the risk and cost of general anesthesia. The procedure is performed using tumescent anesthesia, a technique for delivery of local anesthesia that maximizes safety and minimizes blood loss. Patients undergoing Awake Breast Augmentation at Luxe Laser Center also experience less pain in the days immediately following the procedure.

“Recovery time is great with this,” Dr. Banker added. “When someone goes in for breast augmentation under general anesthesia, when they wake up, that pain is a 10 out of 10. When you do it under tumescent anesthesia, that tumescent anesthesia will persist for most of the day. We also use another medication that lasts for three days afterward, so patients will experience little to no pain for three days, which again, is very new to the area.”

Not everyone is a candidate for Awake Breast Augmentation. Good candidates include those with smaller breast sizes who simply want larger breasts or more fullness.

“Patients who are not great candidates for this procedure are ones with a lot of sagging and drooping, in which case they would need breast reconstruction,” Dr. Banker explained.

Breast augmentation consultations are $100, and that money is applied toward the augmentation.

Luxe Laser Vein and Body Center also provides surgical and nonsurgical fat removal and body sculpting solutions; varicose and spider vein elimination; painless tattoo removal; hair removal; facial rejuvenation; injectables; and a full complement of aesthetic services.

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