Fall Family Fun: Creque Pumpkin Farm

Chris Galford

Creque Pumpkin Farm is, despite the name, about more than just its pumpkins—this is a place to run the autumn gamut of produce. A self-serve establishment open to the public all day long, the Creque Pumpkin Farm offers a host of tasty treats and cute animals with which to pass the time.

“We have all sorts of things from pumpkins to mums and animals. We have fainting goats. When it’s startled or really excited, it’ll just kind of fall over and pass out for 3 to10 seconds. And we have ducklings and chickens,” said Lauren Creque.

On offering at the farm presently, aside from its namesake, are peppers, sweet potatoes, onions and apples. Mums are also currently putting an appearance, along with corn stalks. Its pumpkins, however, come in all sizes, and for all purposes—though there’s plenty for decoration or carving, there’s also plenty for pumpkin pie as well.

Show your support for local merchants! Call Lauren at 419-266-2226 or visit the Creque Pumpkin Farm at 9700 Sylvania Ave., Sylvania, OH.

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