Toledo Market Report

ohio cash flow (small)By Engelo Rumora, FLTN Columnist- The Toledo housing market has been strong, but as the nice weather comes to an end, the sales will slow. This is the normal cycle; however, there is still time.

If you are looking to sell your home or just getting in the market to buy a new one, know that the market is rich with great properties. As the days get shorter, this means less time in the evening to view a property. Make your property stand out. Some brightly colored fall flowers on the front walk or near the steps. A fresh coat of paint on the trim can also make the difference from a sale or a fail.

If you’re thinking about investment property, it is also a great time as tenants have a longer span of occupancy in the colder months. This makes the decision to purchase a new investment more sound because it reduces your risk. Just be sure to check the roof, heating system and hot water for any issues before you commit.

If you’re looking to sell and need out quickly, please give us a call. We have programs that assist homeowners through many difficult situations.

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