Reveal Camera Day at Mitchell Dermatology

mitchell derm IIBy FLTN Staff-The Reveal Camera was used at Mitchell Dermatology recently to educate staff and patients on their true UV damage. The photos below show two samples of UV damage.

The first picture shows your skin from a topical or standard photo view.

  1. The second photo marked RBX Red highlights vascular conditions or inflammation, broken blood vessels, capillaries (less red equal’s better vascular condition).
  2. The third photo or RBX Brown shows underlying sun/UV damage or hyperpigmentation not yet showing on the surface layer of your skin (less is more here as well).
  3. The Reveal Camera gives us insight on the health of your skin and how to start correcting and healing it properly.
  4. Cosmetically, it allows us to spot treat or target the exact areas of concern via products, peels and even medications, therefore, treating below the surface to regenerate the skins health. Healing you from the inside out!
  5. Just because you perceive someone’s skin to look flawless, you can see in BettyJane’s photo that’s not the case. Looking at RBX Brown you see she has significant brown spots or UV damage visible with the Reveal Camera. Currently, she is doing medical grade peels and products to break down the underlying hyperpigmentation, brown spots and UV damage.
  6. A must is to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen everyday! Your skin has memory, if you’re going to try to turn back some time. You must protect, prevent and hydrate.
  7. The best way to start a skin care regime is to see a dermatologist. Just as you have a family doctor, you should also have a dermatologist. Quite frankly, they are the experts in skin, hair and nails.
  8. We are in the business of making healthy changes that are customized to the health of your skin. The idea of perfect skin is different for everyone. It doesn’t have to break the bank, it’s not using a million products and it starts and with a dermatologist and ends with results that are attainable. It’s really that simple. Dermatologists have the tools to diagnose you, the products tailored to you and stand behind the belief the education is the key to skin health.
  9. Mitchell Dermatology will never offer you “Hope in a Jar.” We offer you Dr. Hope Mitchell, Board Certified Dermatologist. No glitz, no high sales pitch and no over promises. Just a knowledgeable staff waiting to help you find your perfect skin.
  10. Mitchell Dermatology is on Facebook and we offer free skin consultations.


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