Aladdin’s Eatery in Toledo welcomes new management under Rabha Saie

By Chris Galford

aladdins eatery (small)Aladdin’s Eatery is an ever-expanding franchise, introducing the American public to the intricacies of Lebanese dining. Locally, the new face of that franchise is Rabha Saie, who, together with her husband Khaled, has many previous years of restaurateur experience under her belt, and a desire to build a uniquely healthy experience.

“What makes us unique is our own stamp on healthy Lebanese food: the lighter, Lebanese food menu, the concentration on vegan, vegetarian, and healthy eating. Some items are gluten-free, we have gluten-free desserts. We only fry two items on the menu, and fry each item in its own, separate fryer in peanut oil, so nothing else is used in our kitchen but peanut oil and olive oil. That separates us from the rest of the Lebanese establishments. Everything is fresh,” Rabha said.

Yet whatever it may mean for the public, on a personal level Rabha was also looking for a business in which to involve her family. When she heard the Aladdin’s franchise for Toledo was up for sale, she saw an opportunity not only for her and Khaled, but for her son Adam as well.

Furthermore, Rabha is already making changes to the operation. Before, Aladdin’s did not run any specials. Now, she said, “We have a special on a weekly basis: any of our rolls, with a side salad and a drink, for $8.50. And one of our best plates or dinner dishes is on a special for $7.95 every week, which normally runs for $11.95.”

Among the rest of the menu, however, is a host of dark meat chicken, fruit smoothies, juices and desserts exclusive to their franchise. With a bakery in Cleveland owned and operated by Aladdin’s and showcasing exclusive through their operation, the restaurant is able to put forward unique treats like the baklava cheesecake — a treat no one else can match.

Show your support for local businesses! Contact Rabha at 419-472-8004; by email at;visit the website at; or visit Aladdin’s Eatery at 4038 Talmadge Road, Toledo, OH.