Livv Interior Designs - Hilary Hinz

A passion for perfection in interior design

By Kristy Erdodi

Hilary Hinz

Most 10-year-old girls spend time playing. When Hilary Hinz was 10, she was designing. “Growing up, I always rearranged my room every month, and I just always had a passion for it,” she remembers. “My room had to be perfect.” It was only natural for Hilary to eventually obtain a bachelor’s degree in interior design, which she did at Bowling Green State University. Today, she spends her adulthood designing other people’s rooms, through her Toledo-based business, Livv Interior Designs.

Just after college in 2009, Hilary landed a job in a family-owned furniture store in Grand Rapids, Ohio. She was hired in as a sales associate and interior designer, but it didn’t take long for her to move her way up to manager. When the store went out of business two and a half years later, Hilary saw it as an opportunity. After all, she had learned the business side of things as manager. So she began working for herself out of her hometown of Toledo.

Livv Interior Designs is a branch of Decorating Den Interiors, which has over 400 franchises nationally. Hilary first learned about the company online. She found out there was a Livv Interior Designs studio in her neighborhood and contacted the owners for more information. After months of meetings with them, and even some time working at the location, Hilary made her decision. She opened her franchise in April of 2012.

Today, her business provides interior design services for both commercial and residential clients. Hilary’s background is more residential, but she is expanding on the commercial side. Her two most current projects include designing for an architecture firm and staging homes for sale with a realtor. She says she can provide assistance with “just about anything interior,” ranging from wall coverings, to window treatments and furniture.

Regardless of the services, Livv Interior Designs will tailor its offerings according to a client’s budget. Hilary is happy to use existing pieces when a client cannot afford new products. She says she can also offer advantages for those wishing to purchase: “I don’t charge you a find fee. It’s going to be the same price as if you’re going to a furniture store, but you get my service along with it.” Livv Interior Designs also has access to over 100 different manufacturers.

Hilary works by appointment, the first of which is always complimentary, so that she can get to know the client and their style. From there, the designing begins. As far as location, every appointment takes place in the space that will be designed. “So I’m in their lighting, I get to see their space and when I do take samples there, it shows what it’s really going to look like,” Hilary explained.

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