Fall Family Fun: The Pumpkin Peddler

Chris Galford

Just a little ways north of 582, at Bowling Green, The Pumpkin Peddler offers a seasonal opportunity for kids and families to enjoy the many sensory treats of autumn.

Obviously, pumpkins play a bit role in the events, but this isn’t simply a place to pick up decorations. The Peddler’s use for pumpkins are myriad and they offer a series of other day to day distractions as well.

“We have a little miniature pumpkin maze you can go on. There’s a hayride you can do, there’s face painting, pick your own pumpkins out of the field. There’s also a painted pumpkin guessing game where you can guess the weight of a pumpkin and if you come within a pound you get to take it home with you,” said Jessica Johnson, of The Pumpkin Peddler.

They also offer the seasonal staple of cider and cookies, to spice up the other adventures.

Originally started as a seller of Christmas trees, the Peddler has been selling pumpkins for close to 20 years, its customers plucking their chosen veggie decorations straight from the field. Though pumpkins are a little lighter on the whole this year due to wetter weather earlier in the season, according to Jessica, there’s still a large selection to pick from—and in multiple shades.

Seasonal hours are from noon until dark every weekend, from 9 am until dark on Saturday, and Sundays from 10 am until dark. Hayrides are offered only on Fridays and weekends from 4 pm until dark.

Show your support for local merchants! Call Jessica Johnson at 419-409-0252 or visit The Pumpkin Peddler at 20354 North Dixie Highway, Just north of 582, Bowling Green, OH.