Drs. Kris Nicholas, Ron Howard & James Baburek

Technology meets dentistry: Digital smile design

By FLTN Staff

Drs. Nicholas, Howard,  & Baburek, DDS SP TolBy FLTN Staff- Technology is improving every industry and dentistry is no exception. If you ever really wondered what your smile could look like, Kris Nicholas, DDS can help with a complimentary Digital Smile Design (DSD) consultation.

“Every smile and mouth is different and this computer program allows us to help you achieve your perfect smile,” said Dr. Nicholas. “We can demonstrate accurate solutions down to the millimeter using this technology.”

Here is how the dental technology works: First, a picture of your smile and face is uploaded. Using this state of the art program, any problem areas are easily revealed. With Dr. Nicholas, a patient will look at the size of the teeth and their proportions with respect to each other and their face. This program will also allow Dr. Nicholas to evaluate spacing and position. Finally, Dr. Nicholas will able to actually design a more ideal and esthetic smile that fits the patient’s whole face. The best part of the process is that there is a visual demonstration and it can be easily discussed with the patient. Dr. Nicholas can demonstrate patient needs to accomplish a desired outcome. A patient’s smile is transformed before their eyes to give an accurate idea of what their smile could and would look like.

Dr. Nicholas realizes the importance of dental health, function, and aesthetics. Doing a Digital Smile Design allows him to thoughtfully evaluate possible plans for treatment and outcomes. The DSD is a fantastic communication tool for patients and allows them to be involved in the treatment plan. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

For more information or to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Nicholas, you can call 419-475-3494.