Super Suppers in Perrysburg marks 7-year anniversary

By Wendy Cornett

Cassie Egli and the staff at Super Suppers in Perrysburg offer the  convenience of take and bake meals that can also be customized for those with specific dietary  needs.

Cassie Egli and the staff at Super Suppers in Perrysburg offer the convenience of take and bake meals that can also be customized for those with specific dietary needs.

Super Suppers in Perrysburg continues to flourish, and owner Cassie Egli credits her loyal customer base with helping her shape her services to better suit the needs of her clientele.

“It’s only through my clients giving me constructive feedback that we’re still here; I want to thank the community,” Cassie said. “I’m really glad I listened to my customers and customized my business around them. I think that’s what’s kept us thriving for the last seven years.”

Super Suppers in Perrysburg is one of a handful of independently owned Super Suppers locations that remain, following the 2011 closing of the national franchise. The original concept—that customers come in and prepare healthy meals themselves to take home and freeze—has been maintained, but most folks want the preparation done for them, Cassie explained.

“We still allow people to come in and prepare their own food, but 95 percent of our customers want the convenience of us making the food for them,” she said. “Our meals can be customized to accommodate food allergies and dietary needs, and customers can also come in and choose from the grab n’ go selections. We even offer a delivery program where we’ll deliver meals once a month to their place of work.”

Some of the store’s best sellers include Parmesan chicken with creamy sage sauce, pecan praline chicken, Asian flank steak and creamy chicken and noodles. Vegetarian options are also available, as are a wide range of vegetable sides, breads and desserts. Super Suppers can customize its dishes for those following low-sodium, gluten-free, reduced-fat and other diets. “We like to schedule appointments with our clients to talk about their health challenges and their needs,” Cassie said. “We always have gluten-free and dairy-free items in our grab n’ go, and our nutritional information is online as well.”

The store primarily carries products that are meant to be stored in a freezer and reheated in a conventional oven. For added convenience, Cassie is developing a line of microwave meals. “We’re always changing and doing something new,” she added. “We’re always listening to our customers. We have clients from as far away as Cleveland and East Lansing because we’re so customized with what we do.”

Show your support for local businesses! Visit Super Suppers at 7015 Lighthouse Way, Suite 100, Perrysburg; call 419-872-6325; visit the website; or email Cassie at