Sunflowers bring smiles

By FLTN Staff

SHC 1 (Small)Sunflowers for Seniors recently visited the Swanton Healthcare and Retirement Center for its second event of the season.

Lisa Mitchell, the co-owner and CEO of the company, noted that the volunteers have been coming for a couple of years now, and as she stated, “It’s been absolutely wonderful.”

With positive comments from so many of the residents, Lisa added that their patients enjoy receiving the bouquets of sunflowers and love being in the presence of the younger children who volunteer to pass out the vases.

“You bring a lot of smiles to the residents and our patients’ faces,” she said.

Show your support for local businesses! Swanton Healthcare and Retirement Center is located at 214 South Munson Road, Swanton; call 419-825-1145; or visit the website at

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