Spud Budley’s opens at Sylvania’s Mayberry Square with inspiration drawn from New Orleans

By Christ Galford

Potatoes are Spud Budley’s specialty, but so are their desserts—flavored Snowballs with around 55 flavors.

Potatoes are Spud Budley’s specialty, but so are their desserts—flavored Snowballs with around 55 flavors.

Every region has its specialty dishes. In the Midwest, that can turn things frequently down the dairy aisle, but Spud Budley’s, now opened in Sylvania, looks to bring a bit of southern influence into Ohio’s dining scene. Their chief method of attack: the potato.

“Spud Budley is new to the area, offering it something it hasn’t had before: entrée-sized baked potatoes, pound, pound-and-a-half baked potatoes, and those entrées can be made into various dishes,” said owner Richard Ruth.

For years, husband and wife Richard and Kelly Ruth have been going to New Orleans, and for years, those trips have taken them into restaurants stuffed with potato-styled dishes and a certain, specialty dessert with the consistency of snow—i.e. the Snowball. Finally, they decided to take a leap and bring both back with them to Ohio.

Variations on Spud Budley’s potatoes include spuds with chicken fajitas, pizza and seafood—or Chili Mac, a dish served up with angel hair pasta that stems from a 1925 recipe developed down on Erie St.

As to their Snowballs, it’s an old idea styled to new tastes. The notion has roots in Roman times, but the flavors have increased dramatically since then.

“We offer 55 flavors right now, but there are 145 flavors available. We have various concoctions and flavorings. You can also get your snowball stuffed. See, unlike ices, unlike cones, this just melts in your mouth. It’s unlike anything around,” Richard said.

Richard, a physical therapist by trade, has had the idea for the store brewing in his mind for as long as New Orleans has tempted him, and together he and Kelly hope to train a whole staff of culinary connoisseurs in just what the potato is capable of.

“I will be here every day … to train the girls and guys with baking the potatoes, getting that art down—because it is an art,” Kelly said.

Show your support for local businesses! Contact Richard at SpudBudleys@bex.net; or visit Spud Budley’s at Sylvania’s Mayberry Square.