Dr. Ronald J. Negrich offers personalized allergy, asthma and immunology care

By Wendy Cornett

Ronald J. Negrich, M.D., can help allergy sufferers and asthmatics find  relief so they can live healthier, more comfortable lives.

Ronald J. Negrich, M.D., can help allergy sufferers and asthmatics find relief so they can live healthier, more comfortable lives.

Ronald J. Negrich, M.D., a board-certified allergist, specializes in allergies, asthma and immunology and helps people of all ages pinpoint their allergy triggers and devises effective treatment plans so his patients can find relief. He practices at five area offices.

“What’s great about being an allergist is that most of our patients are success stories,” Dr. Negrich said. “For instance, children who’ve had a lot of sinus problems and missed a lot of school are able to go outside and play and lead normal lives after we get them on a regimen of medication or immunotherapy.”

Likewise, asthmatics get better, and those who have been plagued by recurrent pneumonias or sinus infections watch those illnesses improve or even go away once their allergies are under control.

“Someone can have seasonal allergies, but if the allergies are severe enough they can affect the individual’s health year round,” he added.

Accurately identifying the allergy triggers is the key to creating an effective, personalized treatment plan.

“We see people who have allergic symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, recurrent sinus problems or recurrent asthma attacks,” Dr. Negrich explained. “We help identify what allergens are causing their symptoms. Or if someone’s had a reaction to a stinging insect, we help identify the insect, like bees, wasps or hornets.”

Allergy symptoms can also appear in the form of skin problems like eczema, hives or contact dermatitis.

Immunotherapy (allergy shots) is often the most effective path for those who experience allergic reactions to pollens and stinging insects, while avoidance methods and medications may be suitable for others.

“If someone has been suffering with allergy symptoms throughout their lives, we can help identify what it is and get them on the right track,” Dr. Negrich added. “If they’ve been treating themselves with over-the-counter medications or with other prescription medications, we can see if they’re going in the right direction and maybe make adjustments.”

Fall’s most notorious allergy trigger is ragweed, which can release its pollen into the first frost. And along with those piles of fall leaves comes mold. Anyone who thinks they may be experiencing allergy symptoms—or those who suffer from recurrent sinus infections or pneumonias—are encouraged to make an appointment.

“Most of our patients really are success stories, and they’re loyal patients because they feel so much better.”

Show your support for local businesses! Dr. Ronald J. Negrich’s Toledo office is located at 5923 Renaissance Place, Toledo. He also has offices in Bowling Green, Wauseon, Perrysburg and Fremont. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 419-824-5067.