Classic Café in Sylvania hosts third Sunflowers for Seniors event of the season

By Chris Galford

Classic Cafe SP 1 SmallFor its third year, Sunflowers for Seniors along with the Classic Café in Sylvania catered to senior citizens, hosted by café co-owners Roger Kurtz, Mary and Jennifer Drees, their locale chosen for the family welcome it brings to its customers.

Known for its specialty salads and home cooked meals such as meatloaf, pot roasts and stuffed green peppers, the Classic Café has been a staple of Sylvania for 20 years. Originally conceived by Jennifer’s brother, Bob, and the third piece of the present ownership pyramid, Roger Kurtz, it has built itself up on its atmosphere, as well as its fine dining.

“The thing is, this place has stayed exactly the same over the past 20 years. Our customers are like family to us,” Jennifer said. “Mary and I have both been in the restaurant business our whole lives, but over the past couple years since my brother passed away, Mary and I took over partnership with Roger and have been running the restaurant together since.”

While their meals are a continual treat, the café’s salads change with the season. According to Mary, September will bring the beginning of the autumn salad, a leafy mixture of fresh grilled chicken, apple slices, walnuts and Craisins. Monday through Saturday, however, Classic Café also offers a special breakfast meal from 7 to 11 a.m., consisting of two eggs, bacon or sausage, pancake or French toast, all for $3.99.

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Classic Café at 6742 Sylvania Ave, Near McCord Rd., Sylvania, OH.

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