Supplemental screenings boost cancer detection in dense breast tissue

By Wendy Cornett

Diagnosing breast cancer in its earliest stages is the goal of ProMedica Breast Care, located within ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

ProMedica Breast Care offers a multi-pronged approach to breast cancer detection that includes 3D mammography (tomosynthesis), dedicated breast MRI, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy and Molecular Breast Imaging.

“Mammography clearly is a very important tool and has greatly reduced deaths from breast cancer by about 30 percent,” said Dr. Robin B. Shermis, radiologist and medical director at ProMedica Breast Care. “In addition to mammography, there are other tools.”

Those other tools include MRI as well as Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) – both of which can better detect the presence of an abnormality in breast tissue that is highly dense.

In the state of Ohio, facilities that perform mammography are now actually required by law to inform patients if they have dense breast tissue that can limit the benefits of mammography. Many women and some health care providers may not be aware of adjunct screening technologies such as MRI and MBI that improve the chances of catching cancer earlier on, explained Dr. Shermis.

“It’s important for us to clearly communicate with the patient every step of the way during a workup,” Dr. Shermis added.

ProMedica Breast Care provides same-day biopsies if something is detected and a nurse navigator who assists patients by answering questions and directing patients toward the proper resources if cancer is diagnosed. Click on video for full interview:

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