Budzinski Insurance brings a new insurance agency to Waterville under a local face

By Chris Galford

Tiffany N. Budzinski comes to the insurance business from a background weighted in the development of nonprofits and service to her community. She is a Toledo native, but after working on the West Coast for years, it was in 2012, two years after Obamacare was signed into law, that she returned home, with a goal of starting something new—that something would eventually become the independent brokerage agency, Budzinski Insurance.

“Once Obamacare came about there was a huge change for the health industry, and in how it affected the lives of families and individuals,” Tiffany explained. It took until May 1, 2014 for her transition into the insurance world to reach true fruition, but by then she had partnered with Erie Insurance to launch her agency. Therein, she acts as a sort of local connection between the individual—or business—and the insurance carriers with whom they have partnered.

“We brought in multiple carriers including Progressive and Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual. These programs are integral to Budzinski Insurance, because what we are offering now are a full line of insurance products that really provide the options for families as well as businesses to choose from in terms of how they have insurance needs,” said Tiffany.

It’s a local, personal touch to even the biggest companies, lopping out the specter of call centers that float over many insurance interactions otherwise. This also allows a person to guide one through the oftentimes advanced, mind-boggling maze of national procedures which online services simply don’t provide. Her agency also allows one options, owing to the fact that there is no “one size fits all” philosophy in insurance.

“We find the different insurance options to meet the needs of the business or family, because we understand there is no one option. Your needs change as you grow. We now offer auto, home, renters, condos, property owners, businesses from restaurants to beauty salons. Whatever that may be, we now have the option or the product to match those needs,” Tiffany said.

Diminishing deductibles, rate lock—these are all words becoming common place in the insurance world. They’re new options, new possibilities, and they might be the right fit for some, but one has to understand them before leaping into such a decision—Tiffany knows the delicate balancing act of the greater services, as well as the details behind the newest possibilities.

“Let us review your insurance needs; give us the chance to give you a quote,” Tiffany said.

Show your support for local businesses! Email Tiffany at tiffany@budzinskiinsurance.com; by phone at 419-878-7800; visit Budzinski Insurance at 218 Mechanic St. Suite A, Waterville, OH; or check out the website at http://budzinskiinsurance.com.