Citizen Advisory Group - Jeff Bucher

Jeffery Bucher of Citizen Advisory Group proves charity’s reach in mountainous race

By Chris Galford

Jeffery Bucher and his teammates’ run raised more than $30,000 for Wacky Warriors.

Jeffery Bucher and his teammates’ run raised more than $30,000 for Wacky Warriors.

Before Jeffery Bucher and his teammates stood a 198-mile trek through the mountains of Utah. As they faced the race known as the Ragnar, it was a particular cause that pushed them forward: a charity known as Wacky Warriors.

The charity, known in full as Warriors Against Cancer in Kids and Young Adults, is a foundation aimed at generating research funds and adventure camps for children and young adults afflicted with cancer.

For Jeffery, president of Citizen Advisory Group, this included the 12-person relay. The aim was to use the race as a chance to raise donations—a cause that ended up garnering more than $30,000.

Wacky was originally founded by Lee Brower—featured in The Secret—and his son, who died from cancer at the age of 22.

“What’s interesting to note about cancer with kids and young adults—ages 15 to 39—is there’s been no advancement in mortality rates in the last 40 years. With little kids and older adults there’s been tremendous change, but in this demographic there’s been no change,” said Jeffery.

One of the reasons for this anomaly is the nature of socialization, according to Jeffery.

“As kids you have people and family working around you. As an older person it’s similar and you’ve had friends that have been through it. At this age, you’re all alone. Your friends don’t understand,” Jeffery said.

Citizen Advisory Group - Wacky WarriorsSP2 Jump if roomThis is precisely why the opportunities Wacky provides are important, as in the case of the money their race effort generated. Those earnings translated to opportunity, providing a camp for 15 cancer victims to kayak, climb mountains and socialize. Such camps get them interacting with people that understand what they’re going through.

It changes these kid’s lives…just being around peers and doing things they never thought they’d do,” Jeffery said.

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