Dr. Keifer is Voted Best Audiologist by Mature Living Readers

By Chris Galford

Mature Living magazine, a publication catering to the Toledo area’s 55 and older crowd, put a vote to its readers, asking for the best local audiologist. When the polls were closed, Dr. Clint D. Keifer of Great Lakes Audiology took that particular honor.

“Over the couple years that we’ve been open we’ve really tried to marry the things that I believe in most, which is spending time with patients and learning what their problems are, with best diagnostic and treatment practices, and so it’s nice when we get recognized this way for all the things we do to help people,” said owner Dr. Clint D. Keifer.

Audiology is important to many of Mature Living’s readers, as the publication keeps older adults informed on local events and health trends. While hearing can decline with age, clinics like Great Lakes Audiology dedicate themselves to restoring audibility and repairing quality of life for those in need.

For more information, see video for full interview!


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