Center offers help for women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction

By Wendy Cornett

Women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction may suffer from a variety of symptoms that include incontinence of the bladder or bowels, pelvic pressure, pelvic floor prolapse, vaginal atrophy, irritation during intercourse or pelvic pain.

The Northwest Ohio Center for Urogynecology provides comprehensive treatment to help women alleviate these symptoms and lead more functional lives.

“Our center not only provides traditional surgical approaches to these symptoms but also offers integrative holistic pelvic floor therapy to help women improve their lives and pelvic health,” explained Dr. Andrew Croak, urogynecologist and director of the center.

Symptoms typically surface during perimenopause and can significantly impact a woman’s life and activity level.

“We can provide an accurate consultation, testing and development of a plan, whether it’s medicinal treatment, pelvic floor therapy or surgical repair,” Dr. Croak added.

Treatment can be life changing for women who are suffering. Dr. Croak shared a story of a patient who’d lost her job and was at risk of losing her husband. Following successful treatment at the center, she began a new career, and she and her husband resumed intimacy.

“That’s why I practice medicine – to help people,” Dr. Croak said. “We deal with a lot of difficult cases. I know we can at least provide comfort, care and compassion to everybody who walks through the door.”

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