A new contact lens, a new look!

by Dr. Roxanna Potter, FLT Columnist

There’s a new contact lens in town, and it’s completely unique. It’s designed for any patient who wants their eyes to look younger, brighter, bolder or more defined. Made by the long-trusted company Acuvue, the “Define” contact lens is a new entry into the cosmetic contact lens market. Previously, patients looking to enhance their eye color were mainly provided lenses of different colors to mask or change their natural eye color. The Define lenses, on the other hand, do NOT change your eye color; they are specifically designed to complement and enhance your eyes in a very natural and subtle way.

The iris of the eye is the colored part of your eye, and where it meets the whites of your eyes is called the limbus. The limbus in young people is often very dark and well defined, whereas it loses contract/definition with age. Define lenses have a bold, dark outer ring that outlines this area and provides better contrast from one part of the eye to the other, making the eyes look whiter and younger. They also have a subtle shimmer that adds depth and dimension. On men, the lenses add a sense of power or command. On women, they can complement make-up in enhancing natural beauty, much like eyeliner or mascara. They can also make smaller eyes appear much bigger, but not in an alien or fake way like some colored lenses. Additionally, they are daily disposables, meaning they are used for only one day and then thrown away, making them one of the safest and freshest lens modalities on the market.

I have found these lenses a fun addition to anyone’s optical “wardrobe.” Even people who primarily wear glasses can use them to make their eyes more apparent or defined underneath. These lenses should only be prescribed and worn under the direction of an optometrist, so please make sure to ask your doctor before wearing these lenses. In addition to Define, there are more breathable, better fitting colored lenses now for simple color changes, and plenty of fun, FDA-approved costume/theater designs for Halloween or special occasions. Worn properly, cosmetic contacts can be great fun – ask your optometrist for a fitting today!

Dr. Roxanna Potter is the owner of Personal Eyecare in Sylvania. You can contact her at 419-885-5300; email her at rpotter@personaleyecare.com; or visit the website at http://www.personaleyecare.com.