Carter Thomas brings a new face and expanded efforts to Good Company Christian Counseling and Life Coaching, LLC

By Chris Galford

Carter SP (2) (Small) Everyone needs help every now and then. Doctors aid the body, secular counselors support the mind, and counselors like R. Carter Thomas also set out to provision the soul.
For years, Carter has worked to counsel those in need of guidance beyond the confines of their own minds. Most often this has included those suffering from mental illness, as well as those afflicted by substance abuse—the latter a condition that may have started as a choice, but for which its victims have since lost control and trying to retake the high ground.
“Really I see some of everybody. Because of my prior training (15 years of it, before school), and I believe what God has called me to do, I do see a lot of people with mental illness and substance abuse. But I do individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling—brief, solution-focused counseling. I’ve been trained from the Cornerstone Global School of Ministry with a diploma in Counseling and Deliverance.”
Churches are where he got his start, however, and until recently, they were his primary workspace, local churches from around the Greater Toledo area having asked him to assist members of their congregations. Then along came Good Company Christian Counseling and Life Coaching, LLC.
“What I do is bring the Christian counseling aspect to the business. This business has been sitting here about 30 years, in this location. I got the key May 31, and since that time I’ve been counseling people here,” Carter said.
It’s biblical-based counseling for whomever has the need, which often enough includes those for whom traditional counseling has been tried and shown no progress. In terms of cost, Carter also has the advantage of being a national provider—which is to say, that his care is recognized (and authorized) by many of today’s insurance vendors, eliminating some potential cash burdens for prospective patients.
Show your support for local businesses! Call Carter at 419-578-2525; email him at; or visit Good Company Christian Counseling and Life Coaching at 2525 West Bancroft St., Toledo, OH—though they are still mobile, as well.