All the flavors and fun, too, with the grand re-opening of Maumee’s Cold Stone Creamery

By Chris Galford

New Owners Tom Friedel, Amy White, and Paul Spoerl look forward to providing customers with a brief vacation every time they enter their store.

New Owners Tom Friedel, Amy White, and Paul Spoerl look forward to providing customers with a brief vacation every time they enter their store.

When it comes to ice cream, people tend to know what they’re diving into. At the Maumee-based Cold Stone Creamery franchise, now under new owners, Paul Spoerl, Amy White, and Tom Friedel, the ice cream shop is about more than taste; it’s about entertainment and the overall customer experience!

“This is ice cream; this is fun; this is a vacation from what you’re doing for a few moments. From the moment you enter our store your entire experience from how you’re greeted, to how you are served, to the quality of the product you enjoy should have you feeling better about your day! That’s my expertise. I want people to have fun and I build a team to help deliver the experience our customers expect from Cold Stone!” said Paul.

It’s the latest embodiment of a desire Paul has had since his 20s, which has taken him down the paths of being a DJ, a game show host, and a bartender—all of which culminated in his own business, The Entertainment Network in 2003. Entrepreneur may be the name he’s affixing to himself now, but Paul is first and foremost in the business of keeping life enjoyable.

When Paul saw the Cold Stone in Rossford had closed its doors, he took it upon himself to contact the broker who provided him with a variety of information about the store. Unbeknownst to Paul, his accountants Tom Friedel and Amy White of Padgett Business Services, had actually been considering the acquisition of both the Rossford and Maumee locations for several months and were planning to ask him to partner with them and be the Operations Manager. So when Paul contacted Tom and Amy about the Rossford store, they all knew it was a partnership meant to happen.

The Maumee location was acquired on April 23 of this year. While it made for a mountain of paperwork and a bit of countrywide travel, Paul took it on with good humor, combining the greater corporation’s research with his own penchant for the personal touch. Now, he simply seeks to find others that share that goal.

“The franchise has done their job by developing amazing products and defining a valuable system to run our business, now it’s our turn to apply our personality and make it a destination everyone wants to come to all the time! We have great products … what we are striving for in this building is to make sure that every person we hire has a wonderful customer service attitude. When a customer walks through that door, our team will be there—they’re on, they’re ready to go. With a team focused on the overall customer experience, we know we will provide those moments of vacation every day,” said Paul.

Show your support for local businesses! Call Paul at 419-482-6610; email him at; visit the website at; or visit Cold Stone Creamery at 479 W Dussel Dr., Maumee, OH.