The joy of weight loss


Picture yourself thinner and healthier. That’s what you can achieve at Fairwood Health & Body Transition in Toledo. With thousands of testimonials, Fairwood’s all-natural weight loss approach is fast becoming the best choice for healthy weight loss.

“The joy on my patients’ faces when the pounds start to fall off is the whole reason why I started this weight loss program,” shares Jason Peisley, D.C., clinic director. “We understand their frustrations and offer proven solutions that include a combination of nutrition, detox and amazing body contouring, without using HCG drops or drugs.”

According to Dr. Peisley, to really lose and keep weight off, putting an end to underlying health conditions that cause weight gain is key. This customized, doctor-supervised weight loss program helps men and women balance hormones, boost libido, burn fat and stop unhealthy food cravings, guaranteed.

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Call 419-517-1030 for the $39 Body Wrap May Special, which includes a VIP Tour, Introduction, Health Evaluation and Herbal Body Wrap. Patients can lose four to 14 inches in just one hour!